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Sticks and Dick Episode 3! Or, the only reason I update my LJ anymore.

It's that time again, time for puckling and I to talk for a half hour about various and sundry hockey things and pretend you want to listen to it while driving to wherever for Thanksgiving. Also, we recorded this, like, a week ago, but technical issues and me being under the weather led to this taking longer than usual to be edited and put up.

Sticks and Dicks3 by chibirhm

This episode includes:
- Actually being able to hear Nicole when she talks
- Nicole's one minute TJ Oshie update
- Jersey woes and appropriational logos
- Gabe Landeskog ruining our lives
- Brandon Bollig and his effect on the ladies, specifically, Puckling and duchessofavalon
- Kaner and Tazer being super giant weirdos about each other
- Hockey player daemons (WRITE THE AU, PEOPLE.)
- Hockey RPF fanart, yay or nay?
- How to make hockey a bigger sport
- My selective Crosby jersey snobbery
- Geno's Instagram
- Emotionally manipulative highlight reels

Links to relevant shit we discuss!

The 2011 NHL All-Star Fantasy Draft, in which Kaner and Tazer are super-adorable weirdos about each other:

Carey and PK fanart! Also the Ask an Blackhawk tumblr.

Marc-Andre Fleury, being... Marc-Andre Fleury:

The Sports Illustrated blog we discuss.

The mentioned Jonathan Toews video. It's actually not set to Fort Minor. I know that highlight video exists, but I can't find it, (AND ANYONE WHO CAN LINK ME TO IT WINS A PRIZE), but this one is super super super quality:
Tags: anti-lockout squee, this is not a podcast, wtf hockey
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