Tits McGee (chibirhm) wrote,
Tits McGee

Sticks and Dicks: The Saga Continues

HEY so remember how puckling and I sometimes yell at each other and pretend it's a podcast about hockey? SURPRISE, WE DID IT AGAIN:

Sticksanddicks002 by chibirhm

This time we discuss Broshie (ugh), Taylor Hall's kissing abilities, how much he loves Jordan Eberle, make random forrays into football/soccer, sigh over Carey Price's face, and bemoan the lockout. And yell at each other less than we usually do, because our marriage is strong, yo.

Nicole is quieter than me because sadly she is not sitting next to me on my bed, she's in her own stupid house, so this was recorded through GChat, and I'm too lazy to turn her up every time she speaks. Whatever, you all can hear her just fine.

Also, this was recorded for the Anti-Lockout Squee Fest so if you're in hockey fandom, go participate! It's a crazy good time full of craziness and good times.
Tags: this is not a podcast, wtf hockey
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