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So puckling decided to make a visit up to Boston, and in between episodes of 24/7 which we were marathoning like the junkies in remission we are, she suggested we record a "podcast" which I immediately dubbed "Sticks and Dicks" (because I'm classy, obvs) about all our hockey feels! So after soliciting our friends for stuff to talk about, here it is! A glorious half hour of us yelling at each other:

Sticksanddicks001 by user9060817

Contains feels on Broshie, stories of how we got suckered into this dumb fandom, arguments over the validity of the Flyers existing, cooing over Hall and Eberle, making sad noises about Ryan Murray's life, who we would rather be stuck in an elevator with, Kaner or Tazer, general Kaner feels, the great Carey Price Boning Agreement of '12, Carter and Richards' failure to make out under the Stanley Cup, my regrets re: not betting on Parise going to the Wild, feelings about Geno with animals, interruptions by all three of my pets, an aside on ninja_orange's crush on Tyler Seguin, a further aside on our fathers being the only men we know who watch hockey, and generalized banter of people who talk to each other every day. (By which I mean way too much. We should probably like, work on boundaries or getting an approximation of a healthy relationship.)
Tags: this is not a podcast, wtf hockey
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