Tits McGee (chibirhm) wrote,
Tits McGee

The Not-A-Podcast, Episode 1

Two posts in two days? WHAT?!?! WHO AM I!?!?

Basically, I was not satisfied with my voice post both in terms of relative hockey content and in terms of me being amusing (at least to myself), so I asked people to tell me what they wanted me to talk about re: hockey, and I would talk about it! The only person that responded is nicolasechs, so this is for her. The rest of you aren't cool and I don't like you.

Anyway, on this episode of this thing that is not a podcast, I discuss how I watch hockey, my feelings on Mike Richards' Canadian girlfriend, why Geno and Sid are the best (both individually and together), why Jonathan Toews would be the worst boyfriend ever, yawn a lot, and get interrupted both by thunder and by my cell phone. IT'S RIVETING.

I am not opposed to doing more of these (though it'll mean I probably have to like, find hockey icons, ugh, effort), but I'm gonna need both you guys to tell me what you want to hear about (and I'm willing to talk about anything, really, so long as it's current, ie: not Merlin from three seasons ago) and also suggestions of where else to host this that's free, because I'm gonna run out of soundcloud minutes super fast.
Tags: this is not a podcast, wtf hockey
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